Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big News

Well - it all fell into place yesterday, as Jenkins was released, Meyers was named opening day starter and Park was given the 5th starter assignment. Tough day for Jenkins and Happ, but they will survive. Someone will pick up Jenkins for the lousy 400,000 dollars it will cost them. Happ will probably pitch out of the pen I am hearing, and if Park fails a couple times Happ will be the guy. I heard Happ was kind of violent, throwing things and banging walls etc...
The other bit of news was that the Phils are interested in Shefield and/or Andruw Jones for the right-handed pop off the bench. I am not really interested in either one, since Shefield is a complainer and Jones is done. Both of them may have drank too much bug Juice.
The last couple roster spots will be interesting to see - whom they choose (See my last post)


  1. I also have no interest in either Sheff or Jones. The team would have been better off with Jenkins over either of them. As far as the rotation goes thats about what I expected. Park out pitched everyone else in competition. They may have the depth or the talent to do fairly well with the rotation, only time will tell. Hopefully they find a team player for the bench and not a washed up has been.

  2. It will be Miguel Cairo. Career .266 hitter. 250 at bats last year with 0 HR's.