Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Back

So - The beginning of the season was real "Up-and-Down".
The starting pitching has been awful (8.75 ERA) and the bats after the first couple games have come alive. One run in the first 2 games - says it all. Since then they have sored 39 runs in 5 games (Almost 8 runs a game)
The Bullpen is doing OK with a 3.81 ERA. They are keeping the team in the games after the starters blow it, and the hitters pick up their steam in the later innings.
Forecast: Blanton will do well tonight, Hopefully Hamels will pick it up.
Where is Rollins? - He did so well in the WBC.
I like to play the Blame game and here are my results so far for the 3 losses.
1st game = Lineup
2nd game - Lineup
3rd loss - Hamels


  1. after last night it kind of seems like if the starters do well the bullpen doesn't and if the starters suck then the bullpen does pretty good. but if the starters are mediocre then the bull pen is mediocre. there is absolutely no consistency.

    Also the 3 and 6 hitters are leading the team in runs scored. the team is not going to win a lot of games if that trend continues. need to get the top of the order on so that the phils can get to their rightful spot as the most explosive offense in the national league.

  2. so the phils bullpen is going the way of the mets bullpen from last year. i think someone needs to talk to the bullpen. the rocks from last year blew the last two games. someone needs to be accountable for that.